Yet again with the notes app

Once again I have switched note taking app. I had discovered a while ago but something about it didn’t click with me for some reason. However, I went back to it a few days ago and have now moved TJ-Nulls Joplin template to Notion, all my notes and I will be using that for my note taking for the foreseeable future.

What I like about it more than Joplin, no synchronization errors, no split window thingie, you edit and view the text in the same window. So as soon as you type in # and a space to create a heading 1, the # dissappears and the text gets larger as one would expect a heading 1 to be.

I have two gripes with it though, the text is in blocks, which takes a bit getting used to and after the page loads, you still need to wait a bit for the notes to load when you open a note. But that’s only on the “root” note so to speak and doesn’t take all that long, it could possibly be my connection.

So, overall, I really like the platform. And it’s free.