Podcasts you should be subscribed to

I really enjoy listening to infosec related podcasts. I listen to them while cleaning, walking the dog, driving… Basically whenever I possibly can.

Here is the list I listen to and what I think of it.

This is my drop everything and listen to it podcast. Doesn’t matter if I’m in the middle of another one, I stop and listen to this one.

It is a biweekly podcast, which I love because it means each show is incredibly well researched. I also hate it for being biweekly because that means I need to wait two weeks between episodes.

Going patreon opens up a weekly episode, which I am considering.

Jack Rhysider is the host of this show and an awesome storyteller. This is the show you need to listen to regardless if you are into infosec or not.

Dave Bittner and Joe Carrigan host this show and have an amazing chemistry.

I really enjoy this show.

It is a weekly show and in my opinion a quite important one to follow.

Dave Bittner hosts this show which is a daily news show. Each weekday latest infosec news is brought to you. Additionally each Saturday a very interesting research is discussed.

In a certain way, this show is quite similar to Darknet Diaries, but takes on other stories. In the few cases it does talk about the same stories it is a different angle. So this in a certain tandem with Darknet Diaries is quite exceptional.

The host Ran Levi is an awesome storyteller.

A short news summary show released every weekday.

I love this show, because it’s short and on point. Doesn’t delve deep into each story but is really good to keep tabs on what’s happening in the cyberrealm.

These are the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis and think everyone should listen to.

There are a few more that I am subscribed to, but these are my go-to podcasts.