No OSCP yet :(

About a month or so ago from the time I write this Tib3rius announced in cooperation with Offensive Security that a free voucher was possible to get.., All you had to do was hack a machine from vulnhub and send the flag to a discord bot. I settled in for an evening of hacking… I finished in less than 5 minutes… managed to miss every single rabbit hole somehow. I was numer 40 something to post the flag correcctly. I liked my odds.

At thte time of the drawing, over 2000 were in the pool, I did not like my chances then… I would likely not be getting an OSCP voucher as a birthday present.

A few days after Tib3rius announced his drawing, TheCyberMentor announced a scholarship. So for me I had two chances, not just one. Tib3rius’s was gone… About a week or so after “loosing” Tib3rius’s draw I got the message that I had not been chosen for TCM’s scholarship… It was really easy to just give up at this point… However, I AM GETTING OSCP!! Just not as soon as I had hoped, I have to figure out how to finance it 🙂