eJPT v2 Beta

eJPT v2 Beta

Hello world!

I was accepted into the eJPT v2 Beta program.

So here are my musings on it.

The course material and the instructors

The course material has been updated and is now significantly longer. It jumped from being just over 48 hours to 143 hours and 30 minutes.
So the material is significantly longer than it has been.

The instructors are Josh Mason and Alexis Ahmed also known as Hackersploit, so he’s used to creating hacking related content and is really engaging and ethusiastic.
Josh however often times seems as he is bored, even at times as if he is doing other things while recording.

That is a decent segway into my next point.

The recordings

The recordings were for the most part on par with everything else, except for a few occurences where I could hear footsteps and a dog nearby.
Do note that I have nothing against that, having kids and a dog myself. It gives a homey-kind of feel, but everything else about the recording is trying to be professional so it is in a sense a thorn in my eye (ear?)

On to the exam itself.

The exam

I had a blast doing it, I had so much fun. 35 questions and 48 hours to answer them. I took about 20 hours to answer them and submit and that is with sleeping.

For a beginner I think the difficulty of it is at a good level and the questions guide you along. I never got stuck without a clue how to proceed further.

In conclusion, I would absolutely recommend this certification as a starting point.

Stay curious, stay safe.